A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

For Global Game Jam 2017 event, a game called Oscilloscope’d was developed. It is an asteroids-based clone that uses “sound waves” to attack the enemies and stay alive until your health points reach zero. The idea for the project was derived from someone playing with an oscilloscope, and displaying 3D images on it via oscilloscope “music”. The initial goal of the project was to make the aesthetics as close to how an oscilloscope looks like in real life. The final goal and the scope of the project is to embellish the game’s already existing systems, add user interface elements to the game, make a game menu, add more levels, add a “boss battle” stage, with an overarching goal of improving the “game feel”.

Install instructions

Unzip and play the game.


Oscilloscope'd for Windows 16 MB
Oscilloscope'd for Mac 20 MB

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